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Adelaide Lawn

Scarifying Services

Adelaide, Need Lawn Scarifying Services? Adelaide's Best Lawn Scarifying Service is right here, RPG. Our lawn scarifying service is second to none. RPG Scarifying will make your lawn stronger and look like new for years to come! Why? Thatch is dead plant material which nature has not been able to break down/compost, which instead forms an impenetrable layer below the grass canopy. 
Once the thatch layer exceeds 5 mm in depth, the performance of the grass changes, as the water permeability gets worse. The roots grow closer to the surface, and the root mass and the oxygen exchange decreases. As a result the grass becomes less serviceable and can no longer withstand traffic and other activities. The risk of disease increases dramatically and some grass varieties will not survive. Our scarifier service will significantly Increasing regrowth thats healthier thicker/more compact. Scarifying is great for recovery. Get your property looking tip top with a no fuss service.

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